Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Other bean builds...inc Commission

Ive been getting into these Madbean PCBs this week.
I also received a massive email off a guy called Gee through some contacts. Guy is a full on pedal fanatic (kinda like me and I guess others reading this blog). He has a massive wish list that included a Fuzz Factory, so using beans Zombii board, I made one for him. Its unfinished at present so just the guts for now:

Genuine Ac128s for that vintage tone, sounds pretty neato! I also socketed the input cap, so if its too bright it can be tamed. Stock is 10uF, but I've put in a 47uF for now. I reckon when its complete and shipped off I can whack a 10uF in with it and Gee can plug that in and see what he prefers.

Next up on my mad old rush to get through these Madbeans, is the Macheen (obviously, the Zvex Machine).
This one caused me some bother cos I thought I'd be all fly and use this ribbon cable, but its more hassle than its worth. Fudge using this stuff again. Too brittle, probably just a cheapo - but I dont see any significant advantages. For one, its a pain to strip and tin the wires...

For this build i took the advice and instead of installing a trim pot, I wired a full blown pot (labelled Gain), which is a cool thing to have on the front of the box. Shoulda been called Intensity, but I like snappy titles.

Anyway, after a few joints needing fixing, this is the result. Artwork of course a flagrant rip, just the way I like it!

This pedal was primed and sprayed black pretty roughly, then I sanded the front to apply the decal, and roughed up the edges a bit to add to the industrial vibe.

Heres one more

I think it looks pretty neat. Ive subsequently swapped the black knobs for white for a goof. Think I like it!

Heres the guts. Keen eyes will have already spotted some greeny plastic pots. These are 16mm Omeg conductive plastic type from Rapid. Ill see how they hold up over time.

Finally, here is the gutshot!

It sounds sooo nasty on its own, havent had time to audition it in front of some other distortions. Apparently, thats its intended application!

Next I hope to finish the Pork Barrell chorus, and I have to make a damn tonebender at some point :P