Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Way Huge Aqua Puss (times two)

Well hello again. About time I wrote about my Aqua Puss pedals. I was able to source two New-Old stock MN3005 chips from eBay. I was also able to source 2 New-Old Way Huge Aqua Puss PCBs that were developed by a gang of awesome folk over at What is an Aqua Puss? Only one of the most revered analog delays ever made. Basically an audiophile clone of a Boss DM-2, it is famous for a really splendid slapback as well as lovely filtered analog repeats and the most awesome feedback-y swell-y noise-swooshes. Basically its awesome. They reissued them recently but they dont use the old hard to find Bucket Brigade delay chips from Panasonic. They use reissue BL or Cool Audio type chips (from China) and are not as nice sounding. Check this Youtube video for evidence:

This was built using the version 1 board from FSB. It requires a couple of ground connections jumpering. The pedal was completed 4th Decemeber, which shows how long it is since I updated - sorry!
 The PCB is an attractive blue colour. Biasing the pedal was a breeze.
Cant tell how much of a buzz it was that it fired up first time.
Analog delays are one of the hardest pedals to make succesfully as a DIY-er.

This was built using the final version of the FSB board, and this time it was red, and required no corrections adding.
 I used pretty much all the same parts, but I had all the same type of trimmers for the OCD amongst us. Again, fired up first time. To this one I added a modulation board (on vero) which allows chorus and vibrato effects like a Memory Man.
 Finished this one on the 1st March. Evidence for how long it takes to source a proper MN3005 chip!

Here's the ever popular gutshot

And for the outside I left it plain until today, when I have decided to add some decals using a toner transfer method. Not the cleanest, but I think it fits the vibe. Here is the Mk1 as it stands today. The Mk2 is the same but no decals and two extra knobs :)

These two sound outstanding, and even with the expensive chips, Ive saved an astronomical amount vs sourcing a MN3005 vintage original.

These were both cheaper to make than buying the reissue too! I might pick up a reissue one day if I see one cheap.

I have started collecting the reissue Way Huge line and will make a post on them soon.

 Happy building.


  1. Hello LaceSensor. I really admire your work, for it is aesthetically pleasing and functional. Do you still make clones? I'd love to have you build a Lovetone Flange with no Name for me one day!

  2. Not right now sorry. The Flangers were the most work and the least rewarding in terms of sound comparison....there really is something magic in them; of the three I made they all sounded close but not exact.

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